Pa. medical marijuana advisory board nixes new qualifying conditions as industry booms

Medical marijuana in Pennsylvania is more popular than ever, this month surpassing $1 billion in all-time sales from dispensaries to patients.

The state’s Medical Marijuana Advisory Board noted the landmark at its quarterly meeting Tuesday before debating whether to add new medical conditions to the list of reasons Pennsylvanians can buy legal pot.

The board voted against adding insomnia to the list, while tabling a discussion on traumatic brain injuries.

The meeting was held online via Zoom.

More than 460,000 Pennsylvania residents are registered with the medical marijuana program, and they buy almost 400,000 marijuana products every week, according to John Collins, director of the state’s Office of Medical Marijuana.

The program is growing, though dispensaries and patients still struggle with intermittent product shortages, Collins said.

“While there is ample supply in the entirety of the network, stock out at the individual dispensaries is very problematic,” he said.

There are 23 medical conditions that can qualify patients for the program, but the vast majority of residents qualify under just three. Anxiety disorders, chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder make up about 80 percent of qualifying cases, according to Collins. [Read more at Trib Live]

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